Mauro Curcuruto

Joined: 13/07/2018


+20 years of experience as entrepreneur and designer through Agencies and Consulting.
The best of my education comes from my Humanistic studies, that drive me in every aspect of my professional life as well as in human and working relationships. Curious, full of doubts, I love reading, writing and the fine Arts (and good food… honestly). I always leave books half-read and bottles of water all around the rooms. Lover of the Parnassus muses, Sampei and the A-team, I started my career as a web designer (they used to call me Webmaster but I was not, and I knew it!) in Taormina for the local Internet Provider.
In 2006 I wrote the project for the website redesign of the municipality of Taormina. The project was focused on the city and people needs and I suggested some solutions to solve the digital divide using public library as touchpoint. The project was financed by POR 2000-2006 - Mis. 6.05 for +300K.
In 2009 I founded with some good guys Arthos, a coop / creative agency focused on Design. Here I strengthened my knowledge about Web Usability and accessibility, new web technologies and I have started learning UX design.
Here I worked with (and learned from) many Customers as:
• UE (as subcontractor of a FP7 project),
• CNR di Perugia
• Leasys SpA
• RCS Group,
• Teatro Stabile di Catania,
• Perroni & Morli Studio.
In 2016 I decided to certify my UX expertise by participating at the first UX design master in Milan at TAG Innovation School.
Now I work as head of design in smartwork and as senior UX design consultant for other Agencies to support their design projects.
I like taking part as speaker or Mentor in Design and Innovation glocal events (i.e. WIAD, TAG events, Startup Weekend, University of Catania, IA Day) sharing my point of view and my knowledge about Design or talking about Experience Design, Innovation, Information Architecture, GameStorming methodology etc.
I always keep up with Human Centered Design, Design Thinking and other methodologies.

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