Finance Skipper David Martin

Joined: 15/07/2018


Dynamic, creative and highly ethical. I am a manager at heart with a solid financial background. What fundamentally drives me is Innovation, be it at project, organization or society level. That is where my Operations and project management skills are best put to use, underlined by an outstanding analytical and synthesis thinking (understanding of the big picture): I strive to enable operatives to do their work with adequate resources in line with strategic objectives.

i gather complementary experiences from the private and semi-private sectors as well as the associative world. Such diversity is also true on a personal level, as many field trips and long-term stays in foreign countries have contributed to define myself as a multicultural world citizen. This has allowed me to fully experience the digital nomad life and master remote collaboration.

In a nutshell : part collaborative leader, part digital nomad, part entrepreneur, and definitely a modern days'​ "Homo Projectus"​.

I run the finances management process at euforia, including the organizational development of finances functions, and my role has evolved to include fundraising towards public and private donors.     

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