Theodore Dimakarakos

Joined: 14/07/2018


Theodore holds an M.Sc. from City University, Cass Business School (UK) in Investment Management and started his professional career as an investment banker. Then turned to academia as a lecturer of finance at Cass Business School, and eventually discovered his inclination toward entrepreneurship as the founder and CEO of the twice awarded EdTech start-up, Match and Teach Me. He is also the Managing Director of REvive Greece, a non-profit organisation supported by Google, with a mission to help young people from vulnerable groups (such as unemployed, refugees, migrants, etc.) integrate into the socioeconomic fabric, by reskilling them on computer programming. In October 2016, on behalf of the initiative Match and teach Me for Integration (an e-Learning platform which helps refugees become software developers, and which was the predecessor of REvive Greece), he was among the semi-finalists of the international competition Innovate For Refugees at Amman, Jordan. Last but not least, in December 2017, as the Managing Director of REvive Greece, received in Brussels the European Civil Society Prize. A prize which rewarded 5 European civil society initiatives that aim at the labour market integration of newcomers and all the people who are distant from the labour market and require specific support.

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