Updated: 13/04/2018

Solution provider

Laborazon has the mission to promote using technology in order to educate, develop new systems and improve conditions where it is possible. Since it started as a maker space, it has access to a wealth of companies and professionals it can group under projects for good causes.

Laborazon has managed a makerspace of 150 sqm in Brasov, Romania.

It has fostered classes dedicated to coding, tinkering with electronics and other maker related courses. For some month, Laborazon organized the Electronica Club, a place where interested professionals could discuss issues related to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensors and other technologies.

Laborazon has managed the implementation of interactive installations for festivals or art exhibitions, such as

- an electricity producing bicycle,

- a device that draws through touching analog objects (through the Makey Makey platform)

- an interactive floor

- a video responsive installation with Kinect

- a singing textile (also Makey Makey platform).

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