MINDBOOK a Social PaaS for TICE

A solution by GeDInfo Soc. Coop. submitted to Mindbook

GeDInfo SOLUTIONS FOR ENTERPRISE EVOLUTION propose the Implementation of a digital platform, usable through the traditional Internet, social networks and MOBILE devices, that connects families and young people with professional educators.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary


GeDInfo was founded in 1995 as a cooperative society.
It currently counts 12 workers (women and men) hired using the "National Collective Labour Agreement" CCNL, in order to have the highest protection of rights and opportunities.
The Cooperative Company's activity is essentially focused on the development, acquisition, management and distribution of Information through the use of the most modern computer, multimedia and telematic technologies.
The primary objective is to allow its maximum diffusion, facilitating its complete fruition, offering new and more useful forms of employment.
The company offers a wide personalized IT consultancy in the design, development, installation and assistance phases of the requested service.
GeDInfo since 1995 is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) registered with the ROC (Register of Communication Operators) with ministerial authorisation.
Since then we have been providing CLOUD (Internet and Datacenter) services and in recent years we have had and wanted to follow all the technological, legal and administrative evolution in order to compete on the market.
We participate in an Internet Services Provider consortium called ASSODOM.
Our reference market has been that of Milan for years where we have worked and are working with customers and partners of absolute excellence: Pirelli, Vodafone, Italtel, Etnoteam, SCF, Galbani-Lactalis, COOP, Nordmeccanica, CariParma, Volvo, SAPICI, etc...
The areas of intervention are those in which we have developed significant skills and experience and which today offer potential for technological and commercial development.
-Cloud solutions (Internet and Datacenter)
-Legal storage of documents
-Logical security of business data
-Software development
-APP Development for smart phones and tablets in iOS, Android, Microsoft environment
-Internet sites, e-commerce, social networks
-IOT Internet of things

We are interested in facing the challenges of the market and innovation. Especially if they are intended to respond to social needs and demands.
We liked the formula proposed by Social Challenges and finding a challenge proposed in our city was a source of pride.
Moreover, Tice's request seems to be fully consistent with our experience, expertise and achievements.
We had to accept the challenge!


We propose the creation of a digital platform that responds to the needs expressed by TICE in the MINDBOOK challenge.
A Social Paas. At the disposal of TICE, educators, families, and young people who personally face situations of social hardship.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a category of cloud computing services that provides a platform allowing customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app.