Ashes enrich the soil

Deadline: 21/12/2017 23:59:59 CET
New use for ashes in Burgos



The province of Burgos is located in the north of Spain in Castilla y Leon autonomous community. The province has an extension of 14.022km2 and it is in the 12 position of 52 in terms of extension according to the rest of provinces in Spain. The primary sector dedicated to the agriculture and livestock is one of the most important sectors in the province, which makes the province the largest producer of cereals in Spain. This area has been chosen, not only because of the production in agriculture which is a really good area for the new usage of the ashes and applicate them to the land once they have been treated, but also due to other factors. We have to take into account that the place where the waste is produced is this province, and therefore the largest area of exploitation for the ashes will be in this environment. In addition, as we mentioned above, Geseco is a company dedicated to managing this type of waste and is authorized by the local administration for this work. Besides, it must be kept in mind that because of its location in Burgos, even with another company in “Salas de los Infantes” (a big village in the province), the transport costs are optimized. Previously and at present it is not given an exit to these ashes and the solution is to bring them to the landfill for the elimination of the residues but as everybody knows, it is not the most sustainable or ecological solution. That is why Geseco finds it like a problem that they would like to solve. According to their studies, knowledge of the waste and ashes, and analysis of the composition, the best solution, and therefore what we are searching with this challenge comes from the reuse in the soil. The ultimate purpose since the company started with this work starts with allowing to give a good and enriching use for agricultural soil and allows the elimination of waste in the landfill.


As we have explained before, the main objectives are:

•             enriching the agricultural ground

•             reduce the waste in the landfill

For years, the company has been working on the idea of eliminate the heavy metals from the ashes to leave a clean product for the soil. They started with the detection of this type of waste like something that can be beneficial with the appropriate treatment. At the beginning, they did analysis of the ashes trying to find with materials of the composition could be good or not according to several parameters as the ones that you can find in the Real Decree. After then, they proceeded to clean the ashes but they did not get the result. In part, it may be because of the analytics, but above all, because of the technology that has been used throughout the process. The company evaluates the possibility that it does not have the technology needed for this whole process.