Collaborative travel guide for disabled persons

A solution by Handiplanet submitted to Tourism for all

The first social and collaborative travel guide for disabled persons. Share your personnal experience about accessibility at the end of the world or at the street corner and help millions of travelers with access needs.

(Pitched: 03/04/2018)

One Page Summary

Handiplanet improve the mobility of disabled tourists through a social and contributive travel guide linking their specific access needs to adapted tourism offers.Thanks to an online social network of tourism, Handiplanet is offering a travel guide providing informations of accessibility according to each type of mobility. Disabled travelers , experienced handicapped wayfarers and tourism professionals has finaly got their place to discuss and to share reliable information.
Thanks to Handiplanet you can plan your holidays online anywhere in Europe thanks to reliable information about accessibility constantly updated by travelers in the same situation and you can in return help other disables travelers by sharing your own experience.
Handiplanet is a reliable directory of accessible places, experiences, leisures validated by a solidarity community. This international platform is totally free for travelers.

How does it works?

Disabled travelers create an account , complete a profile (electrical wheelchair, manual wheelchair etc.) and exchange with the community.
Travelers can see experiences sorted by city, type of mobility or POI (restaurant, beach, boat cruise, hotel, café, museum etc) that have been shared by other travelers who already visited the places.
Travelers can also share their accessible experience across the world or at the of the street and therefore help the community of travelers.

What are the social impacts?

Thanks to a social travel guide. Information is reliable and encourage disabled persons being actors of the french social & economic fabric.
Thanks to a centralized social tourist network. Custom information enables disabled tourist to connect with each other. => fighting against social isolation.
Informations will be useful for tomorrow disabled tourist in France and across the world.