Updated: 12/04/2018

Solution provider

Sensifai offers the Worlds most comprehensive video recognition system.

The volume of videos is skyrocketing due to recent technological advances in recording. To use videos effectively and make them searchable, there is a growing demand for intelligent softwares to automatically understand the video contents. Although it is trivial for human, empowering computers to recognize video semantic concepts is very challenging. Sensifai developed a cutting-edge audio-visual deep-learning technology trained on millions of videos to recognize audio and video content and tag them accurately.

Google made the text searchable. Inspired by this, Sensifai does the same for pictures and videos and make them searchable. Hence the solution is a comprehensive commercial video tagging API, that can be used to tag videos & pictures, i.e. for objects, scenes, action, sport, celebrity, music, mood, keyword, etc. The results are very powerful compared to the giants in the market offering image recognition and tagging such as Google and Microsoft.

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