Updated: 10/04/2018

Solution provider


The Hubert Chevalier company, is an engineering consulting firm with mechanical and plastics processing industry dominance which designs objects for various fields of activity (plastics processing industry, foundry, general mechanics, luxury business), essentially in the IoT field.
His area of expertise to carry out a project are:
• Project management of innovating products
• Analyze and decoding of the environment
• Formalization of creative solutions in correlation with the user experience and the industrializations constraints of the product.
• Design of the product.
• Mechanical conception and definition of the product.
• Prototyping of solutions
• Campaign of uses-test and analysis of the user experience
• Development and adjustment of the product in correspondence with the use and the desired design.
• Industrialization of products.
The SARL HUBERT CHEVALIER company has its offices in Wise Factory, the signature building of French Tech IoT Angers, who also shelters design and manufacturing in complementary areas.

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