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Challenge description

On a territory such as Grand Narbonne, gathering 37 municipalities and counting with 130,000 inhabitants, in order to have access to culture, health services and various infrastructures, a good transport solution is needed

The transport can be of different types: collective (bus, tram, metro), bicycle or car. Nevertheless for one type of population these means of transport are not accessible (elderly, isolated, disabled). In order to deploy a solution, it is important to work together with private partners such as drivers; taxis or intermediate solution providers (solidarity transport solution). This solution will have to cover the whole territory of Grand Narbonne but it can be also deployed beyond this its territory being developed in collaboration with professionals of the sector. The targeted population, as mentioned above, may be the elderly with a disability, remote and isolated people lacking transport infrastructure and why not students. 

Target community and Location

  • This solution will have to be proposed on the geographical area of the territory of Grand Narbonne (Urban Community). 
  • The target group is comprised of elderly, isolated, or disabled citizens, and was chosen because it cannot easily use public transport and / or use a personal transport solution (bike, car, motorcycle or other)
  • Transport competence is a competence of Grand Narbonne, but the idea is to go beyond it and propose a turnkey solution to the target population


  • There is a strong link between the organisational vision, plan, strategy of Grand Narbonne as challenge owner, and the challenge being posed. Indeed Grand Narbonne is interrested in proposing this challenges for its citizens because its core missions include the one related to Service to users and community citizens and the ability to facilitate access to infrastructure and care for all.
  • Grand Narbonne has on its territory a business incubator. Grand Narbonne has already worked with tools and start-ups that could link forms of private transport with a user and it seeks now to deploy a wider solution in order to implement a so-called free or solidarity transport solution where an individual could transport another individual, no costs attached, if the itinerary is common. So Grand Narbonne seeks to further develop its previous results by identifying a solution that could be directly implemented for a full-scale test and in conjunction with partners on the territory.
  • The team will be made up of entire technopolitan structure that will collaborate and support the project bearer in this challenge. 


  • We are looking for new methods that can take into account the free aspect of certain transport solutions (setting up a citizen solidarity point ...).
  • Mobile and intuitive solutions, a citizen platform; in connection with new technologies but easily exploitable by the user (elderly people for example).

Contribution to the definition of the solutions 

  • The project team will help identify the best solution, providing it with all the necessary information in order to match the requirements of this challenge.
  • Information about previous work, coaching and connections to potential partners will be provided (Innovéum incubator and the departmental consular chambers) will make sure that the solution provider will benefit from a turnkey support.
  • In addition, a technical committee will be set up within the Grand Narbonne in order to develop together with the solution provider the best tool for the target population. In this way the tool will be tested on a regional scale and 100% adapted to our needs.
  • It will also be possible to envisage a follow-up and a privileged connection with the transport service of Grand Narbonne. Moreover the emergence of a healthcare cluster and the opening of the new clinic on the territory could envisage a deployment and further partnership with this actor.
Full description of the challenge : 

The Challenge Owner

Grand Narbonne Communauté d’Agglomération

Urban Community. The territorial area of Grand Narbonne comprises 37 municipalities in the department of Aude( Occitania region, France) along the Mediterranean Sea and covering a territory of 93 km².