A solution by Bruno Matias submitted to Nutrition Programme

The idea represents a website platform to support the various services presented.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

The idea represents the construction of a website to support the various services presented. A banking platform, with management area for institution and customers. Also an online social store where users can purchase the products using their social bank account. All this with a management area for institutions (online store management, bank management, stock management and entity management) and finally the platform for partner entities.
• All this will allow the institution to manage an integrated product solution, in which the objective is to be closer to the citizen and poor families. The first one will always know which products are most needed, avoiding imbalances in donated goods; second, it will create a management learning method for the needy family, teaching them how to manage their family budget, with the advantages of not financial risk , because it uses a virtual currency of no commercial value.

The idea ambition is that the impact for the associations involved is focused on improving the process of raising goods, controlling stocks and improving the management of delivered goods. For the beneficiaries, it is intended to support with a learning tool to manage financial assets, in order to progress towards financial autonomy. The solution may eventually be applied in other types of donation situations, especially post-catastrophe situations as manager solution.