An on line medical platform

A solution by Avis2sante submitted to Services to elderly people located in low density territories

An on line medical platform to have medical multimedia contents, to schedule online medical appointements but specially to join your doctor on line (and give your score about it). Your doctor will be on your pocket with you !

(Pitched: 11/12/2017)

One Page Summary

the difficulties of access to care can isolate people, create discrimination and territory abandon.
Can we improve access to care for all?
We wanted to create a platform of web-based medicine : yours doctors could visit you by an on-line consultation or do an on-line medical expertise about you by smartphone, tablet and computer.
Our solution also integrates, like a "health Youtube", multimedia contents published only by authenticated health professionals, patient notes, mini-websites of professionals and medical and paramedical appointments. Everything is free for the user.
Health professionals in your area can be closer to your fellow citizens.
Online medicine can provide a response to medical deserts, improve home care for weaker people and empower a territory.
We are happier if we are less isolated.
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