Managing Surplus Food Organically

A solution by BioMiMeTiC submitted to Food poverty - managing surplus food

Each year a third of the human food production is wasted world-wide. Ironically only 20% of those bio-waste are treated by using green valorization process. Wasting appears at each step of human food value chain from the field to the final consumers.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Now imagine yourself ten years before siting on your sofa and craving for an expresso… Unfortunetly for you, Georges Clooney was not working for the Nespresso Company at that time. So the only way for you to get an expresso was to find the way to the next coffee bar maybe close enough to get it by walk or perhaps 10 km away or maybe more. Today we are meeting the same problem with bio-waste! In fact bio-waste are everywhere because human activities are dispersed and produce bio-waste everywhere.

The BIOMIMETIC Company developed the only SOLUTION for bio-waste GREEN VALORIZATION by using insects. The solution is a facility based on a biological process called bioconversion by insect. First, the SOLUTION can be implemented directly ON-SITE that means the facilities are wearable and dismountable. Secondly, the SOLUTION is equipped with REMOTE-CONTROLLED embedded technology with a SELF-HARVESTED system and finally facilities can be easily STACKABLE and SCALABLE!

To get it work we need two things, bio-waste and insects progeny. After a month of process we obtain two things, insects larvae and a green fertilizer. Now, how we gonna make money with that? First we gonna sell bio-waste collecting & treatment services. Then we are going to sell fertilizer and insects based products like protein and oil as a sustainable way to feed animals as fish and poultry. From next year we would be able to make a large-scale proof of concept of our SOLUTION and start selling insects based products. From 2019 we gonna start structuring and developing our corporate activities in order to sell facilities & management services regarding our SOLUTION.

In order to succeed in all those phases I am boosted by people with strong experiences in different fields of business. Finally our GOAL is to offer a SOLUTION to avoid wasting at each step of the human food value chain.