“+me”: interactive soft wearable device for ASD

A solution by CNR-ISTC submitted to Emotional support for parents of children with autism

+me is an experimental device, designed as a support tool for ASD therapy. It looks like a soft pillow, producing lights and sounds in response to child's touch. Its purpose is to foster the development of basic social skills (eye-contact, joint attention, social-referencing) in small children. If experimentation is positive, it could be used to involve families in rehabilitation activities.

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

+me device: a Transitional Wearable Companion

+me is an experimental device, designed as a support tool for therapy with children with ASD. It belongs to the category of Transitional Wearable Companions, a novel concept of robotic-tool characterised by two distinctive features: first, a TWC looks like a tender, soft animal, able to arise emotional attachment and reassuring feelings, like  a "security blanket"; second, it is an embedded robot, responding to child's manipulation with interesting outcomes, like sounds and coloured lights. Where necessary, robot responses can be mediated by a caregiver, who can modify +me outcomes through a control tablet.