FEDET: FEeDing Communities Empowering Technology

A solution by Aslogic submitted to Food poverty - managing surplus food

FECET tool provides supermarkets, food Banks, NGOs and citizen in need, a tool to express their necessities and resources. Additionally, in order to be able to distribute food surplus between the different users, FECET generates the most optimal route ,reducing fuel consumption and time.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Aslogic is providing a management centre solution to face surplus food running in a more efficient manner whilst educating the community -fully aligned with Feeding Coventry perspective- via:

a) A balanced approach for stakeholders. So far, the profile of citizen is previously ignored, making difficult to adapt their goods and distribution to satisfy their necessities.

b) Enhancing an optimal route calculator to pick up surplus food and transport it to central depots. It also might contemplate the possibility of transporting the food directly from supermarkets to numerous NGOs (pick and delivery), instead to from a sole warehouse.

As a result:

1- Citizen in need, NGO and food banks are able to express their necessities and food provider can specify the food donated.

2- Wasted food due to inappropriate management is avoided since food is delivered to the right stakeholder because offer and demand is balanced.

3- Food distribution (collection and delivery) is cheaper (less fuel and vehicles) and some distribution staff is released owing to more efficient planning. Indeed, community contributes to reduce pollution emissions.

4- Community has real tracking and monitoring of the whole logistic process to check and improve it.

5- Community has a formidable tool to disseminate key goals/figures achieved and empower the community awareness with better practices (co-development, collaborative environment, transparency, etc).