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Closed challenges

The deadlines for the Challenges, below, have passed. Each attracted Pitches, some of which are now beeing developed into solutions as part of the Social Challenges Platform

Most recently closed

Health, Disability

Emotional support for parents of children with autism

Carers Trust Heart of England

Deadline: 15/04/2018

There is a major gap in service provision to address emotional wellbeing of parents and carers of children newly diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition. Parents and carers often feel anger, denial, disbelief, guilt, self-blame and hopelessness. There were 446 pre-school and school age children diagnosed with ASD in Coventry & Warwickshire in 2016. This is the highest rate outside of London.


The Charterhouse Heritage Park project and Digital Creative Quarter

Historic Coventry Trust

Deadline: 15/04/2018

Creative digital communication - bigger than a sound bite and smaller than a file dump.

Earlier challenges

Environment, Food Circular Economy and Environment

Food poverty - managing surplus food

Feeding Coventry

Deadline: 21/12/2017

We are looking for an innovative technology solution to enable in real time identification of surplus food (supermarkets, shops etc), matching it with communities in need (organisations and individuals), mapping transportation and organising timely collection and distribution. Brought together in a systematic solution that would extend to raise awareness of the issue and educate communities about healthy eating.