Cristina Oliveira

Joined: 10/12/2017


I founded RuralVive - Rural Development Agency because I believe that is the best way to fight human desertification is through training and rural entrepreneurship. It was in this area that I did my master's degree in the area of sustainable development, I focused on the area of combating desertification.

In February 2016 I was in Brussels through the Transition Program to present what RuralVive is all about. In September of the same year I presented RuralVive to the FAO (United Nations for Food and Agriculture) for Portugal and CPLP.

Currently, the project has three more members who are all dedicated to fighting desertification.

We have already supported several people who were unemployed and who at the moment managed to install their entrepreneurship projects in the portuguese contryside.

We have many ideas to develop, for example: help the territories in the fight against desertification, attract new families of the urban areas, empower the rural people to create bold and innovating projects in family farming, in rural tourism, handicraft and social projects.

The desertification is a social problem that if it isn't fought it brings negatives externalities for instance; the abandonment of the agricultural activity, the abandonment of the lands and forest fire. The rural world and the urban one can't be independent from each other.

In addition to the master's degree that I have done in Lisbon (ISCTE), I am also doing my PhD (in UTAD University) Vila Real, in the territory development area.

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