Founder of Rennie Popcheva-Capri

Joined: 20/12/2017


My name is Rennie.

I am the founder of - a World platform for Open Innovation which was originally designed for "ordinary people with simple ideas" to post, collaborate within teams, develop their ideas into business concepts, then reach Corporations and sell the concepts. 

This year we had extended our services to also Municipalities who want to collaborate with its citizens, or provide their communities (startups, students, entrepreneurs, marginal, migrants, youngsters, researches, academia) with a collaborative innovation platform. 

Since its launch in 2012, has 10 International Awards and recognitions:

- Award winner at Sheffield University Innovation Challenge, 2012
- TEDx Speaker, 2012
- Award winner at Creative Business Cup, Copenhagen, 2013
- Featured at Forbes, 2014
- 2015 Forbes Annual Awards, Best Start up
- Winner Ideas from Europe Challenge, 2016-2017
- One of the 1,000 Best Practices - featured in Evolution Curve book of World Entrepreneurship, 2017
- Winner, STEP 2017, Dubai, UAE
- Winner, GITEX, Dubai, 2017
- Awarded as the rising star of Europe, 2017

About me – wife, mother, innovator, very ambitious (ask my daughter about that), sensitive about time, concerned about the environment and global challenges.

I have love of design, art & creative, future trends, inventions and innovations.

Worked for 16+ years in Global Corporations like P&G, Nestle, Danone as Marketing, Trade Marketing and Business Development Manager. Then made a U-turn into ICT and technologies driven by my inner talent to foresee and be ahead of trends.

Have Bachelor in Economics, MBA in Marketing, and EMBA in Sheffield University with a full-scholarship.