Director Alet Klarenbeek

Joined: 16/12/2017


Alet Klarenbeek (1961) has started her career as theatre producer. She has developed a divers career. She was director of a marketing consultancy firm focused on youth marketing, she has steered a festival for and about feminism in an age of globalization in the Netherlands (WOMEN Inc.), connecting different generations of self-aware woman. She also created a successful national program named 'The table of one' that has activated thousands of low educated women to return to the labour market.

Alet is fascinated by what people move in life. She prefers to organize physical encounters where people with different ages and backgrounds can question each other about their thoughts, feelings, ideas and aspirations.

Lately she got fascinated by aging, simply because she is getting older herself, now realizing that young is leading in society. Young is leading in media outings and in our minds. Being young is the preferred status in life.

We are getting older; yet do not want to be old. Isn't that odd?

According to Alet it's time to pay attention to aging, have talks and meetings about this topic, to come to a common understanding and idea about the concept and reality of being old in contemporary society. An important objective is to alter thoughts and prejudices about getting older and being old.

Alet also acts as a professional speaker on aging. In a positive interactive presentation with film, visual material and active questions, Alet takes her audience into the world of the elderly and makes het audience reflect on their own aging. What is old actually? How do we rate old? To what extent do you suffer from prejudices? How do you see yourself in a few years? And how does the world see you?

Alet speaks about:

  • Imaging of the elderly in the media
  • Introduction to target group elderly in society / sports / media / care
  • Elderly people in marketing & communication
  • Personal image around the aging body

Today Alet Klarenbeek is director of Foundation Moai, which is focused on creating a national movement of young and old people, taking away prejudices about aging and creating solutions for challenges, which comes with the Dutch aging population. 

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Stichting Moai

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Twitter username: @aletklarenbeek