Co-founder Thomas Prévost

Joined: 11/12/2017


I am a French citizen born in 1985 and I live with my Polish-German wife and our daughter in Brussels. I am a convinced EU citizen and I strongly believe in the social and economical benefit brought by a strong EU.

At my scale I do my best to have a positive social impact in my environment. In particular I have a passion for helping young people to make informed decisions about their next academic or professional steps.

It is this social impact drive that prompted me to start a non-for-profit organisation named Backstage in 2015 aside of my day job. Backstage develops an integenerational and voluntary social network that "crowdsources" job experiences to reflect the diversity and reality of careers in local environments. Backstage proposes an innovative approach to explore career opportunities based on hobbies and personal interests.

On the day-job side, after several years in software development in SMEs I now work as a consultant and advice big corporations on their digital transformation. I hold a master in applied mathematics from the university of Louvain-la-Neuve and a MBA from INSEAD.