Help Your Elderly Neighbor

A solution by Azero submitted to Sustainable care system for the elderly in small settlements

The percentage of elderly people are increasing all across Europe. Building retirement homes will no longer suffice as a solution. People will live in their own homes longer and would require more help. Help your elderly neighbor will provide a solution using the local community to help with basic chores and give emotional support.

(Pitched: 19/12/2017)

One Page Summary

With how advanced todays society is, people live longer and current ways of tending to elders will no longer suffice. A possible solution is to crowdsource help from the local community for the elderly in the area. Wether it be washing, buying groceries or just stopping buy to have dinner together. This will create a stronger bond for the elderly to the community and reduce the loneliness and provide emotional support. 

The way this will be done is by creating a platform(smartphone app or similar) where elders can request a task done and the local community can take on the chore, either for the good of their heart or in exchange for a small reward. The goal is to create a sense of responsibility in the local community for their elders.