Embrioo.com - An open innovation platform

A solution by Embrioo.com submitted to Braindrain in Friesland

Embrioo.com is an open innovation platform that can keep home 30-40% of youths. It provides an e-platform to post, collaborate, learn and develop, then sell ideas. 70-80% of young people worldwide have either idea for own startup, or viable ideas about existing brands (to be sold to companies), or specific talent (design, photography, writing) that is needed by new ideas' development teams.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Embrioo.com provides an opportunity for young people to post ideas, even rough ones and/or inventions, then gather a team of other people locally, or from all around the world, collaborate and develop together the business case (360 concept), then Embrioo.com introduces this idea to selected corporations and/or institutions.

50% of young people in Europe want to start own business (according to EU Commission employability report). Usually, young people believe that in smaller cities the conditions are not favorable for such a venture, are leave to bigger cities or abroad.

Similar life path is chosen by young people who have a specific talent (not the idea) and want to join someone else's startup (~20%).

Even if not entrepreneurs, around 10% of young people have long list of great ideas for existing brands that could be offered to global corporations for sale. But, when an "ordinary person from a smaller city" tries to reach the Head Offices of Corporations, here comes the long "fight" that usually ends with giving up. Instead, the person can stay at his/her home-town and still have the idea sold (income).

Embrioo.com can potentially keep home 30-40% of young people (half of all of the above 3 segments) who:

- Have ideas. We help them develop the ideas into 360 business concepts (the right pitch format), then step further with the idea launch - all online.

- Want to move with a sole reason to have international touch. With us, the will work online in international teams - other like-minded young people from all around the world (40,000 creative members from 80 countries and counting)

- Are just before the age when the life-path decisions are to be made. At Embrioo.com, the teams are producing and developing real and viable ideas (we are not a sharing platform). At certain point of time, young people realize that their time needs to be spent for meaningful activities.

- No matter what talent they have, we help them join ideas' development teams from all around the world.

The Municipality will receive branded account at Embrioo.com. It is an own space that is used Internally (your residents/users only can access), or can be used to link selected local people and local ideas with outside idea generators, universities, corporations, investors and institutions.

When used Internally, local-people-only collaborate. Could be:
- Youth-to-youth
- Eldest-to-youths (sometime ideas need mature look or experience)
- Municipality management-to-residents - city council team may use our platform for direct connection with its residents*

* It is a new feature that we launched this year. Already have a success story. See it at Chavdar Municipality account at Embrioo (http://embrioo.com/chavdarmunicipality/en.html) in just a week received 6 viable ideas for its development.

Our video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_w-wm_TMXo&t=7s