Many studies show that the vast majority of older adults wants to “age in place” that for them means: more freedom, social inclusion, comfort and happier lifestyle. To match this new trend, CaringMate offers a solution that allows the elder people to be constantly connected with their care circled improving their daily life and maintaining independence and autonomy.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Hoplàpp is a complementary solution of the HoplàCare environment that offers to families all that is needed to properly take care of their elderly relatives, from finding the best care provider/service to being always connected with their loved one accessing Real Time Home Care Monitoring systems (remote care assisted living).
Hoplàpp mobile app, thanks to proprietary algorithms, integrates several novel remote care features that allows to loved ones to be constantly connected with their care circle. Our solutions is simple, easy to use and highly scalable.