A solution by Backstage submitted to Braindrain in Friesland

A social network to connect young people in Friesdland with their local professional environment

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Backstage is a non-profit organisation based in Belgium. We develop a social network to connect young people and their local professional environment. We propose to leverage our digital tool to strenghten Friesland young people knowledge about the diversity and the reality of career that exist in their surrounding. Backstage works as a tool for schools and organisations working in career orientation and can be leveraged by the Jong & Ondernemend Fryslân foundation to find professionals for their workshops or masterclasses. We bring strong software development expertise to co-develop a social network adapted to the needs of Friesland. We also bring internal expertise in career guidance and resources from a partner organisation active in career orientation for young people which can help to design and to run the social network. Some of us speak Dutch.