STETHOTELEPHONE: Device able to improve the sound detected by any classic/acoustic stethoscope (by amplifying and filtering), and finally send it to ICT device, ALLOWING EASY TELEMEDICINE AND BETTER FIRST DIAGNOSIS.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

STETHOtelePHONE is an add-on device able to digitize the sounds detected by any classic stethoscopes with the aim to improve it (by amplifying and filtering), and finally send it to ICT devices. Through a SW application, it allows to record and share auscultation among specialists, with the aim to improve diagnosis and monitoring of pathologies and perform Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services.
Being posed instead of the ears of the “examiner”, STETHOtelePHONE is the unique device, protected by a PCT patent, able to digitize the natural sound exactly as it is heard by the examiner. All the Electronic stethoscope on the market, depends critically on the electro-acoustic properties of the sensors, used to acquire the signals of interest, and this is reflected in no existing acoustical standards for characterizing electronic stethoscopes; This lack, reduce the trust of physicians in an electronic based auscultation; they need to be trained for the sound electronically transduced. This project has the ambition to allow a better diagnosis of COPD and valvulopathies. Furthermore, STETHOtelePHONE will strengthen RPM services.
European data show the business opportunity: at least 1 out of 5 people thet suffers from chronic diseases live in rural area and are suitable for homecare. The Global market demand of digital stethoscope from 2018 until 2022 is of 8 Million units.