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A solution by RMGD submitted to Find & trigger hidden entrepreneurship

Integrated cross sector innovation for a Quadruple helix Approach with a social innovation design proces using innovative tools like a brainstorming idea generator, sharing knowledge and best practices with the move2 social network and jobcrafting techniques and searching for new ways of ownership like setting up cooperative structures

(Pitched: 20/12/2017)

One Page Summary

What innovative instrument will help SpareSpace help to find en trigger hidden entrepreneurship and improve local economies?

The solution provider is committed to co create a roadmap for an integrated social innovation proces and work on possible solutions with real sustainable social impact. Now it's time to develop an integrated Quadruple Helix approach for cross sector innovation to the social challenge. Using innovatieve tools like a brainstorming ideagenerator to turn ideas into great business plans, sharing knowledge and best practices on social entrepreneurship with the move2social network and using jobcrafting techniques for intrapreneurs to make them become entrepreneuers and exploring new ways of ownership, like setting up cooperative structures for potential entrepreneurs.