An on-line medical platform to have multimedia medical contents, schedule on-line medical appointements and specially, to join your doctor for an on line consultation (and give your score about it!). Your doctor will be in your pocket !

(Pitched: 11/12/2017)

One Page Summary

the difficulties of access to care can isolate people, create discrimination and territory abandon.
Can we improve access to care for all?
We wanted to create a platform of web-based medicine : yours doctors could visit you by an on-line consultation or do an on-line medical expertise about you by smartphone, tablet and computer.
Our solution also integrates, like a "health Youtube", multimedia contents published only by authenticated health professionals, patient notes, mini-websites of professionals and medical and paramedical appointments. Everything is free for the user.
Health professionals in your area can be closer to your fellow citizens.
Online medicine can provide a response to medical deserts, improve home care for weaker people and empower a territory.
We are happier if we are less isolated.
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