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Updated: 21/12/2017

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Vantage School is a developed concept about an extracurricular school with a unique format, where young people acquire Creative skills (out of 15) or Business skills (out of 9) and regardless of their choice of the 24 roles, they also acquire in a real-life settings the 15 critical to the success in the 21st century skills.

The objective of our business is to:

- Help young people acquire the 21st century skills that will be key to success especially for those who choose to be entrepreneurs.

- Teach in real life settings and give the floor for observing and experiencing various fields of life and business for a long enough period, thus helping young people to choose better their career path versus their initial aspirations and/or their parents’ wishes and choices.

- Demonstrate the importance and to develop Creative skills among the business oriented fellows and business and entrepreneurial skills among art and creative young entrepreneurs.

Our concept opens new opportunities for all its stakeholders – youths, their parents, the society, the business (companies who look to hire employees with excellent soft skills) to benefit today and in the future from:

• Learning skills which are not taught by neither academic education, nor by parents. It may otherwise take 10-15 years to acquire the set of 15 soft skills mainly by “trial-mistake” principle.

• Applying in practice what had been learnt, and thus being more efficient and productive when young people go on the labor market or when start own business.

• Combining Creative, Business and Entrepreneurial skill is the most recent trends in building successful brands. Thus, bring a piece of a contribution to the economy, increase the share of successful startups/SMEs then open new jobs opportunities in the field of Art and Creative Industries are considered key in the coming years.

Our concept is applicable globally - researches show that the same pain exist across EU countries and worldwide:

Lisbon Council Policy Brief, EU 2020: "Are we equipping students with the knowledge they will need tomorrow? The most important skill would seem to be the ability to formulate complex solutions to new and unforeseen problems and the capacity to learn new and different skills throughout a lifetime" Paul Hofheinz, President and Founder of Lisbon Council.

The EU Commission’s survey on entrepreneurial mindsets shows that “self-employment is a less popular option versus 2009, with a clear majority now favoring work as an employee. Why not an entrepreneur?” One of the reasons stated is “not enough skills” which clearly indicates the urgent need such to be acquired. Source: Euro barometer 2012, Entrepreneurship in the EU and beyond.

The employability report by the EU Commission is stating the critical need of “no more testings, we need to put them in real projects” as it is today reported that 76% of University students had never participated in “turning ideas into action” real projects.

“I’m calling on our nation’s governors and state education chiefs to develop standards and assessments that don’t simply measure whether students can fill in a bubble on a test, but whether they possess 21st century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking and entrepreneurship and creativity.” Barack Obama.

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