Stichting Techniek voor Iedereen

Updated: 20/12/2017

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Helping homeless youngster to create regularity in their life, education, find a good job. Al of this is necessary to make these young people (financial)independent.

Stichting Techniek voor Iedereen (Foundation Technology for everybody)

My foundation stands for young homeless people who stands far away from the job market. Our goal is to create regularity in their life by making workshops from different forms of technology, as a example making a hologram, making a small robot or making a designlamp.


When we do these workshops we want to motivate the youngsters to came to our workshop and learn them basic skills what the can use for their future job. But we don't do this on a school project, but teaching them these skills on a playful way. The best way to learn is by doing it, like a example if the young people are building a design lamp i will teach them some basic designs. So the can learn to build and master these skills. When the mastered these skills i want them to design and build their own lamps.

Personal investment money

When the have made nice lamps i want to sell these lamps on my webshop, for every lamp that the build and getting sold on the webshop the foundation is getting money for this, but the foundation find it important to invest in our young people. So a percentage is kept a side for the builder, this is what we call investment money. Every person have his own investment money, so the more products the make and get sold the more money the can make. This is also a motivation factor to get the young homeless people in our workshop  Its like a piggy bank, but the money is from the foundation, this has a purpose that a debt collector can not get heir hands on it. This gives  the young person the chance to save money for things that matters like a education, driving licence, paying the debt to family ( this is important because this offers them a opportunity to restore their family relations, so the have more mentally support This reduces the chance for drop outs) Or the can pay the debts early on to their creditors. 

Our foundations is building up a network at this moment. We also are in contact withe EAPNNED, because we find it important to help improve their chances and opportunities  At the moment the are conversations taking place withe local institusions  to work together. Also the dutch UWV have invited me to talk about my idea..

If i can be selected i am able to get these project started right away. And it would be very cool to have a coach who is dedicated to help our foundation. So that we can help as much people as possible.  

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