Faces of Change Foundation

Updated: 19/12/2017

Solution provider

Foundation Faces of Change sees refugees as 'Talents on the move' - we aim to unleash their hidden potential and work towards developing their individual leadership and entrepreneurial mind-set & attitude to allow them to become active and valued members of society.

Faces of Change emerged from a European 2 year international project geared at adult education and aimed at unleashing the potential of refugees. It received an excellent review and has led to several programs, trainings which are continuously improved with state-of-the at models and knowledge and in tune with our changing world. 

Our goal is to make a contribution through tailor-made programs towards a world, which is more inclusive, embraces diversity, change, compassion, innovation and entrepreneurship as a means to empower people and sees refugees as valuable members of society instead of victims and people to feel sorry about. We want to shed another light on refugees as creative, entrepreneurial, innovative and determined. 

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