Increase Time

Updated: 19/12/2017


IncreaseTime (iTime) is a technology-based company, founded in April 2011, and its activity is centered on the development of innovative solutions based on ICT and wireless sensors networks. It’s a provider of social and health care solutions intended for the domestic market or care homes, developing solutions which promote the quality of life of the general population with focus on seniors.

The story of  is the story of a vision and of the many people that come to believe in it and make it real. The initial seed funding from Index Talent allowed Increase iTime to set itself as a startup in the well-known MentorTec incubator and to hire the first staff, which started working right away in the development of the first products – KeepCare. From 2012 to 2014, KeepCare has been established as a real-time monitoring application running in mobile systems, with implementations in the cities of Espinho and Aveiro and agreements reached for commercial distribution with the mobile operators NOS, in Portugal, and Slovakia Telecom.
These results led to the more ambitious projects and, at the moment, the company has 6 available products that promote an independent, active and quality ageing.
Our team is experienced in managing and delivering highly demanding and technically complex projects with a high success rate. We are a mash-up of visionaries, engineers, researchers, and web and mobile developers with a special sense of touch for health information technologies and health monitoring devices. Our work covers many fields of the Health and Wellness industry with emphasis on diagnostics, vital signals monitoring, rehabilitation and active ageing. It also presents a strong aptitude for social and community contingencies such as isolation and harmful lifestyles through social networking tools.
Gil Gonçalves is our CEO is an R&D veteran, having lead dozens of research projects from different sizes and scopes, and a lecturer at the Informatics Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto in Portugal.
Luisana Carvalho is a happy and passionate Business Development and Support Manager and her natural communication abilities together with a master degree in Marketing Management give her excellent skills for leading the business development.
Vitor Sousa is a technology enthusiast and restless developer always looking for the best practices to deliver the best software code. They both hold a master degree on Informatics Engineering granting them the required technical skills. Jaime Lopes is responsible for the geeky electronic things.
Jaime Lopes is an expert in the development of wearables, electronic systems and prototyping electronic components.
This team has a great deal of experience in developing solutions for health and wellbeing. Most of these solutions are currently in use by the means of single individuals at home, by organizations that house patients with needs, and health institutions all over Europe.
The team has participated in such projects as “Helascol”- “KeepInTouch” by offering a user involvement methodology to involve elderly people in digital society. In the consortium AAL4ALL for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) the team developed solutions such as the “KeepCare” that enables services for older people actively contribute to improve their quality of life, comfort and safety, at home or nursing homes.

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