Marginal Studio

Updated: 06/12/2017

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The project Counter Colonial Aesthetics aims to introduce models for the sustainable development of underdeveloped urban areas starting from material culture and manufacture for a radical social inclusion. In order to build an intervention for integration, the project experiments with migrants as catalysts for local productions that will also involve young people and local unemployed.

MARGINAL is a research studio exploring the margins of design and art disciplines, and the roles they can play in the making of societies. We use prototypes, installations, writings, and films to investigate and document the production of objectual universes and spaces, and their implications on a planetary scale. We develop a practice in a continuous dialogue with other professions, expertises, and cultures. Within and against logics and structures of design and art, we aim to constructive dissent, experimenting interactions as forms of social practice and political awareness. We adopt participatory practices to trigger the development of specific narratives and to imagine alternative future scenarios: we harness capabilities and use the status quo to create a commentary of broader geopolitical context. Lately we have been focused on vernacular culture and migrations both human and non-human. At the moment we are researching Mediterranean cultures in the context of Palermo.
Funded by Zeno Franchini (MA Social Design, Design Academy Eindhoven) and Francesca Gattello (MA Product Design, Politecnico di Milano).

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