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I was born in Mainz (1985) and came to Berlin ten years ago to study architecture at the Technical University Berlin. In my Master I did a Double Degree Program in collaboration with the Pontificia Universidad Catolica and lived nearly two years in Santiago de Chile. During this time I travelled many countries in Latin America and also went to Medellín and Moravia to visit Albert Kreisel, a close friend from university. I supported him in his research studies and thereby got to know Moravia and its inhabitants, its history and transformation, its urban fabric and its challenges. This experience had a permanent impression and changed my relation to architecture and my profession. After my studies in Chile I came back to Berlin in 2015 and together with Albert Kreisel and Tobias Schrammek we founded Urban Oasis and started the Urban Lab Medellín | Berlin, with the goal to realize an intercultural exchange between these two cities and to support the community of Moravia towards an inclusive and sustainable transformation of the neighborhood.

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