Nina Pawlicki

Joined: 14/04/2018

Local staff

Nina Pawlicki is an architect based in Berlin. Her work focuses on actor-driven processes in the design of social spaces with a particular interest in facilitating mutually-beneficial collaborations between academia and non-academia. She is part of the CoCoon-Studio, the Urban Oasis collective and has been a teaching and research associate at Habitat Unit & Natural Building Lab, Technische Universität Berlin since 2013.

Nina Pawlicki's research, practice and teaching is dedicated to the DesignBuild methodology. Through transdisciplinary, hands-on approaches she is seeking to investigate how community engagement processes can lead to the design of more inclusive and diverse living environments. The main objective is to develop contextual, sustainable and locally appropriate strategies and built solutions. Working in interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts she is especially concentrating on refugees and migrants as urban actors. Within her teaching and research activities she ran projects in Mexico, Colombia, Jordan, Mongolia and Germany.

In 2015 Nina co-initiated the Kitchen-Hub - a place for refugees and local residents in Berlin Schöneberg and home to the NGO Über den Tellerrand where people with refugee and non-refugee background cook, eat, work and think together. She was also initiating several follow-up projects with refugee communities in Berlin Schöneberg and Buch. In the framework of the Greening Camps project she was directing two workshops in Palestianian refugee camps in Jordan with a focus on green strategies help to strengthen the community to help themselves. 

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