Founder Patricia Munro

Joined: 04/04/2018


My passion is to collaborate with others and create opportunities for every citizen to have a voice about the issues which matter to them and use this feedback to inform effective action.

As an anthropologist, I learned  to look at connections and take a systemic viewpoint.

As an evaluator, I use creative ways to inform project development and assess its impact for on-going efforts in a straightforward and easily understood manner.

As a project manager of pan-European projects, I have learned to juggle a lot of balls in the air and create alignment.

As a design thinker, I strive to think out of the box by using visualization to co-create with others.

All these skills support my work to discover new ways for all of us to be in conversation with each other about the most important issues of our time. Together with others, I strive to identify unique opportunities in which we can all bring our life experience and know-how together to find creative solutions. And, most importantly, work to make these ideas a sustainable reality.

The founding of World Café Europe (WCE) was the beginning of this wonderful journey with people of all walks of life to create opportunities for us to be conversation with each other. Over the years we have worked all over Europe with local communities, immigrants, prisoners, older adults, CSR initiatives and networks to explore new ways to use the experience, know-how and wisdom of all people to co-create new opportunities now and for our common future.

I enjoy experiencing nature by hiking and diving in the world's oceans. At home in Munich, concerts from jazz to chamber music and visits to museums are always on the agenda. Cooking up a storm with friends is hard to schedule but fun when it happens. Finding the time to curl up with a good book with a cup of tea provides me with food-for-thought.

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