Founder Garbage Crusher William Ridden

Joined: 17/12/2017


Being a natural born engineer and inventor, William Ridden have solved multiple problems in diverse areas – from aviation to classic car renovation. It all started at the high school, when William was awarded as Best Young Engineer of Great Britain.

He then graduated in Brooks University Oxford Polytechnic. Qualifications: H.N.D Mechanical & Production Engineering in conjunction with recognized apprenticeship at Oxford College.

Since then having had over 14 years of working in the commercial sector, William had been contracted for Engineering projects by corporations such as, BEAreospace, Cathay Pacific, Ford Cars, (new showrooms in Edinburgh, London and, Amsterdam) Molins cigarette machinery and more. So, to partner in aircraft interior design and layouts, high speed rotating machinery, complex industrial furniture detailed designs and, the like.

Being an inventive Mechanical Engineer, William had wide experience with different products in the field of Design from concept to installation using appropriate materials such as metals, plastics, composites and timber, hence, understanding the machining and fabrication processes involved.

Having worked to BS 5750, ISO 9000, BS 308 & CAA procedures, quality and safety are always in mind. With knowledge of software tools (CAD) such as Pro Engineer and AutoCAD, and with myself as an enthusiastic engineer with lateral thinking, I will always produce a high success rate of problem solving and project completion.

The intensive work has resulted in many hand sketched ideas and inventions over my life that I have done - waiting for the opportunity for me to develop in a cost-effective way and, through the right channels with the right partners and mentorship opportunities as well, in addition to funding. Garbage Crusher is one of them.