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My name is Diego, I live in the Canary Islands and I am an industrial designer, I have a physical disability, but I always work very hard, I am not young, but I think that ideas should really be the youngest ones. I believe that humanity is about to make a favorable change and I and my small company APSU want to work on this alternative.

We are still in time to stop and reverse climate change and the world that we will leave will be good, although there is a lot of work...

We are working on a small reactor to solve the pollution problems in the water, which will be favorable for people and will make it easier for them to convert their gas emissions into green energy solutions.

Our development A system of green pyrolysis by microwaves, that converts the pollutants, mud of residual waters, into environmental restoration, being equipment of low cost and absorbing the polluting gases turning them into biochar, what improves the quality of the water, the crops and the air in the same cycle, being very small devices, designed to decentralize services.

We are Cleantech partners of Autodesk

Iniciativa Neotec form CDTI(Spain)

And Winners SEUA, Startup Europe Award, Water category (European Parliament)

Our Prototype in test

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Linkedin profile URL: https://diego correa hidalgo

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