Mr Gregory Alexander Eve

Joined: 21/11/2017


Sustainability passionate since I was a kid, I am lucky enough to use both of my hemispheres in greenApes in a blend of environmental sciences, business and creativity work.

I'm an Environmental Engineer (University of Florence - Italy), with a MSc in Sustainability Management and Policy (Lund University - Sweden) and a liaison with the entertainment sector, where I've been working professionally (in my spare time) for more than 10 years. One day I turned out to be an entrepreneur: founded 2 ngos and 1 company.

In particular:

I'm in charge of the content and creative development of greenApes products, taking care of translating sustainability topics in engaging features and accessible contents. I'm also project manager and - as greenApes CEO - responsible for the institutional relations of the company (municipalities, investors).

I count more than 10 years of professional work in the entertainment sector as actor, teacher, writer, radio-speaker. I applied my experience in improvisational theater to Corporate HR training. I lead team building and problem solving workshops for more than 7 years working with the management of international companies like BASF, BNP Paribas, General Electrics, Novo Nordisk.

In 2010 I organised and performed the “Sustainability World Tour” delivering sustainability-training workshops in companies, schools, municipalities and NGOs, traveling across 19 countries in Europe, Middle East & Northern Africa and Asia. The project was supported by Lund University, Wuppetal Institute, UNIDO, Eurail, IKEA.

Works at:

greenApes Srl SB

Solution provider

greenApes Srl SB

Solution provider