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VideoOculograph is the first complex eye tracking solution on base of AI, computer vision and machine learning for contactless high accurate computer video diagnostics of several diseases

(Pitched: 13/04/2018)

One Page Summary

According to Ministry of Health data every third needs vision correction, there are tens of thousands of patients with nystagmus only in Russia, 7% of children and 4% of total adult population suffer strabismus. The number of children in the world with strabismus under the age of 14 is 182.9 million, in Europe - 7.58 million, in CIS - 4.97 million. To date the problem of strabismus among children has acquired a mass character. In every maternity hospital an innate form of pathology for every 50th baby is revealed. Treatment of nystagmus and strabismus at the same time is still in 95% of cases performed only by surgical procedures and well-known methods of preoperative registration of involuntary eye movements based on use of methods of electro-oculography or photoelectric nystagmography don’t give objective quantitative characteristics of such movements, defect of nystagmus according to statistics can return in 6 -12 months even after successful surgery but lack of treatment at the same time leads to loss of visual acuity up to blindness.

VideoOculograph allows to solve this problem. VideoOculograph is the first complex eye tracking solution on base of AI, computer vision and machine learning for contactless high accurate computer video diagnostics of several diseases (neurological disorders, inner ear diseases, vision pathologies) by spontaneous eye movements and pupils’ reaction and non-invasive treatment of eye pathologies such as nystagmus and strabismus avoiding any risks from the surgical treatment techniques or further long rehabilitation period.

Now it became possible to conduct the diagnostics and treatment under the supervision of doctor for the patient from every point of the world by means of telemedicine approaches. For this it is just enough for the patient to send through our platform the video of eyes from at least 120 fps camera and he’ll receive the protocol with diagnostic data.

Clinical researches conducted on base of Saratov clinic of eye diseases, Moscow research institute of eye diseases named after G.B. Helmholtz and worldwide famous Fedorov network medical clinic ISTC «Eye microsurgery» had already confirmed the effectiveness of our technology and more than 200 patients have been already successfully treated in a result.

In addition to congenital pathology of the visual organ our product by means of certain algorithms can be used for effective diagnostics of a number of other diseases as well including neurological disorders, inner ear diseases and others so it’s intended for improvement of not only the population vision but the population health overall as the result!

Additionally VideoOculograph includes functional of unique lie detector by spontaneous eye movements and pupils reaction– the parameter which can’t be controlled intentionally with the accuracy up to 99,8% in comparison with standard polygraph with accuracy 65-80% and allows to reveal narcotic and alcoholic intoxication by pupil reaction instead of the standard urine drug test.

In addition to surgery correction for treatment of nystagmus, strabismus russian product - Monobinoscope MBS-02 FORBIS ( is known. It's cost is $4150, weigh is about 20 kg. However it does not allow to conduct high accurate computer video diagnostics of eye pathologies and carry out the keeping of video base of diagnostics data of patients for accurate treatment effectiveness tracking and doesn't assume the machine learning approaches' using.

There are analog diagnostics systems from companies of international William Demant Holding. The nearest portable solution from one of them, Interacoustics VNG VO425 (, for 7780$ doesn’t allow to conduct the noninvasive correction of eye pathologies but intended only for diagnostics.

Thus competitive advantages of VideoOculograph:
 Multifunctionality:
• Diagnostics and non-invasive treatment of visual pathologies by means of machine learning
• Diagnostics of a number of other diseases
• Diagnostics of narcotic and alcoholic intoxication by pupil reaction
• Diagnostics of mental illnesses
• Lie detector by eye micro movements
 Opportunity of comfortable diagnostics for children
 Opportunity of online remote diagnostics through interactive platform
 High efficiency
 Low cost ($2 590)
 Mobility (weight: 2 kg)

Our results for today:
 9 medical centers including ISTC «Eye microsurgery» named after academician S. N. Fedorov already using our technology and more than 200 cured patients
 8 patents of Russian Federation, one application from 2017
 Winner of LEAN in EY WBAs 2018 in Athens, winner of GoTech 2017, winner of Life Quality 2017, finalist of Idea for a Milllion 2017, TOP-5 Suvorov Prize 2017
 Gold and silver medals of international exhibitions of innovations and investments in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, China, Korea, Taiwan, Microsoft Cup of World Championship