Updated: 21/12/2017

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Worried about climate change? Not sure what you can do? lists for you the smartest ways to reduce your climate footprint and to get ready for the expected impacts of climate change in your city.

The effects of manmade climate change are becoming more and more visible and citizens are increasingly worried. According to the 2017 EuroBarometer survey, 92% of respondents believe that climate change is a serious problem, while 74% see it as a very serious problem.

However, while much scientific information is available on the role of human activity in climate change and the likely impacts of climate change at global or regional level, there is a need for communication on climate change that speaks to individuals, by making scientific information location-specific, translating it into the domains of concern of individuals, and ranking practical tips both for mitigation and adaptation on the basis of their effectiveness. is a web-based information platform that gives practical, location-specific advice to concerned citizens on how they can reduce their contribution to climate change, how climate change will concretely affect them, and how they can prepare for future climate change:

  1. Practical, location-specific tips to limit contributions to climate change (‘mitigation’). The tips are based on country-specific data and ranked according to their potential impact (top 10 high impact actions to mitigate climate change, based on a number of characteristics of the user, in particular location).
  2. A depiction of the likely impacts of climate change in the user’s city (‘impacts’). The impacts are described and visualized by comparing the city's climate in 2030, 2050 and 2100 with that of other cities' current average climate. For example: in 2100, following the 'business-as-usual' scenario, the climate and vegetation of Munich will be similar to Tirana's current climate and vegetation.
  3. Practical, localized tips on how to prepare for future climate change (‘adaptation’).

Information about these three areas is integrated in one single visualization. The creators of believe that the concrete description and visualization of the expected impacts of climate change in the user's area/city will contribute to awareness about the need for mitigation.

The practical advice for adaptation is provided with two levels of detail:

  • general, localized advice (machine-generated, for free);
  • advice that is highly tailored to the user (machine-generated, small fee).

All information is based on, or derived from, peer-reviewed science and is continuously updated.

The primary target audience are citizens in developed countries - in the first place in the European Union and North-America.

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