Über den Tellerrand kochen

Updated: 15/04/2018

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Über den Tellerrand kochen focuses on creating a sense of belonging for newcomers in Germany by enabling locals and ‘people on the move’ to meet on eye-level at joint cooking events. Über den Tellerrand is a German wide initiative that has evolved to an inclusive, creative hub for ‘people on the move’ and the members of the receiving community over the last three years.

Über den Tellerand (‘beyond your plate’ in English) is a commonly used German expression for open-mindedness. Our initiative has become an enriching and inclusive international community where ‘people on the move’ come to find a sense of belonging and experience care and compassion. At the same time, we provide avenues for ‘people on the move’ to enrich their host communities by sharing their own knowledge and unique skillsets. We apply a holistic approach to the complex process of integrating newcomers into German society, while at the same time acknowledging and empowering their agency. By bringing newcomers together with their host communities, we aim to create a sense of belonging as well as reduce stereotypes and prejudices on both sides. These efforts contribute towards the creation of a more united, inclusive and open society.
As a model project, Über den Tellerrand inspires and motivates encounters and exchanges between cultures. Our network already includes intercultural communities in over 30 cities, which we call 'satellites'. Also there, we bring together people from different cultures in culinary, creative and sporting events and promote sustainable friendship building. In doing so, we actively promote the emergence of an open and tolerant society.
All our community events are free of charge and are conducted by our nonprofit association. In addition, we run a social enterprise of which the nonprofit association is the single shareholder. The enterprise generates income, e.g. by selling cook book, by offering cooking classes and from July 2018 on, by running the first Über den Tellerrand café.

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