World Café Europe

Updated: 04/04/2018

Solution provider

World Café Europe aims to change the way we use conversation to shape our future. We collaborate with all sectors to recognize new ways to capture a crowd's wisdom and know-how to foster positive change. Network conversations promote a shared understanding about how to creatively address challenging issues. This wealth of ideas creates the foundation for sustainable project realization.

Re-discovering the power of community and conversations for issues that matter

World Café Europe (WCE) supports opportunities for citizens to actively participate and identify solutions for issues that matter to them locally, regionally and for Europe. WCE provides the professional know-how and passion to foster effective citizen engagement through large-scale dialogues in partnership with multiple stakeholders.

All of our efforts are designed to foster a new culture of conversation which empowers people from all walks of life to discover his/her own innovative spirit to make a difference. Through the use of various forms of communication, WCE provides opportunities for individuals to become active participants in conversations. Through their participation, citizens experience a deep exchange of knowledge with one another and feel empowered to explore the potential of their collective wisdom to address the issues that matter to them today and in the future.

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