Updated: 17/12/2017

Solution provider

We help people to get solar powered quick and easy. Located in Vienna, the capital of Austria, we design and build custom solar power generators which are reliable, easy to use and affordable. base energy powers the most used electrical applications, like lights, communication, cooling or cooking.

people want solar power

Although a vast majority perceives solar power as the most popular energy generating technology, nevertheless a minority of daily energy consuming tasks are powered by it. People face many challenges when transitioning from conventional energy supply to modern solar energy. makes solar power easy, reliable and affordable. We are a highly motivated team coming from sales, solar technology, process automation and industrial design. 

simon - plug and play solar module for city balconies

How can people participate in the "Energiewiende"? How can they participate if they rent an apartment and do not have access to their own roof? Simon, one founder of and his team at the oekostrom AG looked for an answer to this question and developed an innovative solar generator for people living in the city.

SolCube - compact solar generator for power lovers

There are many situations off the grid where people need power. In caravans, at events or high up in the mountains, people were relying on diesel generators for decades. Thos generators are noisy, smelly and have to be refilled with fuel on a regular basis.

That is why we created SolCube. This compact solar generator with integrated battery and electronics converts energy from solar modules into electricity for daily use. With SolCube you turn any place off the grid into a comfortable home.

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