Updated: 12/12/2017

Solution provider

Making our environment green again

Arbor is an innovative web platform, which is providing rewards, based on their daily activities to help environment and society around them become better. Users registered on our platform get Arbor points whenever they purchase product from our partners shops/companies/organizations, which they can exchange to plant a tree. On you website, users will see their achievements by data visualization. All users will have to do is to live the same way they used to, and they will be able to do good deeds just buying casual things as they were doing all life. Our business model is B2B, so we offer companies to be our partners as Arbor means a lot for them. It means that they are supporting society and are trying make our environment better. We have started working on prototype and have received some fundings as well. We have a huge positive feedback from local companies as they are waiting for our product to be published. We believe that Social Challenges are the best fit for our startup and we are going to change the world together!

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