Power On

Updated: 26/11/2017

Solution provider

Power On startet as a kids camp in the rural area of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It has become the biggest, most innovative and most active social lab in the region, organizing local and global projects. A team of more than 50 young volunteers live christian faith authentically, empower young people, live brother love and inginspire people`s lives.

Core of the initiative is to live authentically and exemplary Christian faith locally and globally. That means to us, that we promote ecological sustainability, show brotherly love through esteeming interactions, we empower children and youth through participation, social engagement, inclusion & curiosity towards life and we inspire other people with optimistic visions of the future.

Power On has won the Jugend hilft price by Children for a better World e.V., the Volunteering Award by Leuphana University Lüneburg and HelferHerzen Award by DM. Beside Power On is supported by the Robert-Bosch-Foundation through the program Die Verantwortlichen, by BBE through the Civil Academy and from Projecttogether.

Currently we are running seven projects:
- Kids-Camp (one week of fun, action, project groups for education for sustainable development)
- Youth-Construction-Camp (one week of constructing tree houses etc)
- Academy (long term support for youth from poor social backgrounds who want to change their community)
- Festival (regional bands and artists, input and encouragement through seminars and workshops)
- INSA (Exchange with South Africa to promote SDGs)
- INTA (Exchange with Tanzania to help building up a children’s home)
- Cape2Cape (Solar powered campervan going from North Cape to Cape of Good Hope visiting social projects on the way)

We believe that children and youth are not only the future but are supposed to participate in decision making in  the present. We believe that we as the young generation can provide solutions for urgent social and ecological problems and can change the world through bold and courageous actions. We want to show the older generations that change is possible, that the future lies in the hands of those, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world. 

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