Andra Camelia Cordos

Joined: 29/01/2018


Andra is the founder of Go Free-Association for the Support of Civil Society and a representative member of the National Committee Coordinating the No Hate Speech Movement in Romania. Andra has been a facilitator for over 7 years and a human rights activist with citizen journalism experience. She held a significant number of workshops on the topics of human rights, promoting diversity and fighting hate speech and social exclusion. Andra was the project manager of the “Community Journalists for Social Solidarity: StReEt - a 12.5 month initiative implemented by Go Free Association, in partnership with ”Romano Suno”, BuzzNews and RomaniaPozitiva, with the purpose of teaching young people to use community journalism as a tool for getting actively involved in multiethnic communities of Transylvania (Romania), as well as developing their competences in media advocacy and their role as a watchdog for social justice. StReEt has given us the opportunity to work with people from 5 disadvantaged rural communities ( All these communities have a significant number of Roma people. Together with the volunteers, both Roma and non-Roma, we have gained a first hand understanding of the issues/problems people from multiethnical communities sometimes face and, and such, we have developed a new way through which we can fight against hate speech and social exclusion; StReEt was awarded 2 national distinctions for the involvement in the No Hate Speech Movement, as well as the title “The Volunteering Project of the year in the Human Rights and Civic Activism Sector” at the National Volunteering Gala, in december 2016.

Andra is presently the Go Free magazine editor-in-chief, a publication that encourages young people’s sense of critical analysis and promotes relevant stories for the community of Cluj-Napoca such as education, volunteering, active involvement, culture, democracy and human rights. It also promotes freedom of speech and advocates for a responsible writing and reporting mentality. 

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