A solution by Soleek Lab submitted to Gamification in education

A platform (mobile app) which offers both online and offline services. Online: You can consume diverse content and possibly comment/debate your thoughts. Offline: You can meet a group of people to socialize while doing a predetermined set of activates possibly led by a facilitator.

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

Aging is easy, you just need to let time do its thing. However, growing up to be a well-rounded adult is much more complicated. It even keeps getting harder to achieve as the world around us change and evolve. How are we supposed to achieve that without proper stimuli? The current environment on average does not provide the proper educational, social, political, and emotional stimuli that young people need. All that cause discrimination, political indifference, social issues, inability to face challenges/problems, and unawareness of the possibilities the world has to offer.

The Bad: It’s not easy to fix.
The Good: It’s possible with the right approach, but it takes time.

Our solution is a platform (mobile app) which offers both online and offline services. We choose it to be a mobile app because today everyone is very attached to their smart phones (especially the youth) which means it will be easily accessible for our target group. Also because it is our specialty, creating great apps is our core competence.

A tailored experience for the Romanian youth! One simple principle at its core “Inclusion”, both socially and with respect to ideas/speech.

The only way for people to grow into well rounded adults is simple: Give them a diverse set of simulating life experiences which teach them, and let them think and question everything around them. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the goal of our app.


Ideally, the goal is to attract as many young people as possible to eventually be able to achieve our social agenda without intimidating them, thus we must offer them what they like, want, and need. Otherwise they won’t use our platform. The idea of the app is to give an inclusive, thought provoking, and enjoyable experience. Slowly it will build up and achieve the desired result. Below we will show what we believe young people are interested in getting:

Online: You can consume diverse content on regular basis and possibly comment/debate your thoughts. Users can choose to be anonymous. With the possibility to gain likes, followers, ranking, etc.

Meme Section: Internet memes are extremely popular among young people worldwide. A great way to entertain and educate people. Along with a comment section for people to express themselves.

Articles Section: Written pieces which include multiple points of view on a topic. With space to comment/debate points of views. Possibly used as high school homework at the first phase of the project with the challenge owner.

Quiz Section (Tinder Style): Asking if the information is true or false along with links to prove the claim if the person is interested, a way to fight incorrect information circulating.

Problem Solving: Admin/Users submit a challenge and people debate to prove their point of view.

We are fans of and other information sources that offer a great way to get very well written answers/opinions from people globally. Using such sources to create inclusive articles to make sure different political sides and schools of thoughts are available to our readers. Plus the news to keep people up to date and engaged.

Offline: You can meet a group of 8-12 people (strangers) to socialize and make new friends safely while doing a predetermined set of activates possibly led by a facilitator. No individual planning, only via groups. More life interaction, less screen time. It can be in the form of a social meeting, a workshop, a presentation, a debate, or whatever we or the target group want. Examples:

Conversation Club: Practice Foreign Languages.

Future Plans: High school students thinking about university fields/requirements. Possibly discuss the idea of studying abroad. Maybe even Erasmus! University Students thinking about the job market, international companies.

Hobbies: Books, Movies, Cars, board games, entrepreneurship, etc.

Other: Current events, Politics, etc.


During the first phase, we are expecting to work closely with the challenge owner and their partners, especially when it comes to better understanding the Romanian youth and their interests/needs, and preparing content in Romanian. Together, we will have all the expertise needed to make this solution a success in preparation to spread it all over Romania.

Our competitors are basically every content provider and social media that people access in Romania. What makes us different is that our content will be inclusive and thought provoking tailored for the Romanian youth, and we will offer a way for them to meet new people while gaining something they want in return win-win!

The offline part is already tested. We had a startup called Frien10. People would sign up, choose an interest, and meet as a group of 10 strangers. Results were great, we successfully acquired some funding including wining a startup competition. However, it was not enough to sustain it or scale it.