N.I.N.A. Now I need assistance

A solution by Technology Shops Ltd submitted to Accessibility for everyone & everywhere

Businesses and local people coming together to provide help and assistance to anyone in need using their mobile phone.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Most towns, cities, commercial and public organisations have tried to make improvements to their building and infrastructure to aid mobility and improve access for disabled residents and customers. However whilst these investments have sometimes made dramatic improvements, the disabled people and even some able bodied people still experience issues accessing transport, commercial and public buildings and other facilities with a degree of confidence.
Researching and pre-booking assistance for journeys is obviously very useful but is only part of the solution. On arrival at a location people can still experience difficulties physically finding entrances, ramps, lifts, accessible doorways or reaching for and finding products in shops.
N.I.N.A. (Now I Need Assistance) aims to bridge the gap in the last step of the assistance journey. It will enable ALL people, especially those with impairments to discreetly speak directly to someone at that specific location to discuss their issue and seek assistance in a simple and timely manner via mobile phone. Being able to talk to a person who is in a position to immediately help will reduce anxiety, especially when unexpected incidents disrupt a carefully planned itinerary, will make people more confident to travel explore and interact