Engagement Programme

A solution by UC Agency submitted to Collaborative Research

We plan to organize 4 events within 12 months in which social projects can be consulted, discussed, incubated by a group of start-up consultants. The aim is to form a methodology with which social challenges can be resolved by collaborative work which work well in the start-up arena.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

As far as we are concerned, the communication of scientific achievements is an issue of one sector rather than a challenge with enormous social impact. Therefore, we have intended to come up with not a mere communication-related solution (e.g. online platform for cooperation, campaign, NGO in charge) but a program which:

- supports communication both within and between civil society and science

- helps to deliver solutions for civil issues with the tools of science

- enables the wider exploitation of best practices aggregated in the cooperation (incubation process) - is scalable in three directions (both vertically and horizontally)

Our solution is about devising a methodology for an “incubation event” in which:

- 3-5 civil projects are invited which face a scalable challenge (input from below)

- 3-5 players of science are also invited who are to come up with innovative solutions (input from above)

- a pool of advisors (investor, start-up leader, business counsellor, coach/OD practitioner, communication expert, facilitator) is also present to support the project and the whole program as mentors

- the methodology of a one-day long event will be devised in which

- participants can listen to inspiring presentations (TED-style and panel) in the morning

- afterwards attendants will be grouped and each team works on one civil issue (including NGOs, scientific sector, facilitator)

- then comes a pitch of the civil projects in the afternoon and they are all presented in a pre-defined structure

- participants can work on each other’s pitches

- conclusions of the day are summarized during the very event and are to be distributed to the participants afterwards (it will be a kind of public knowledge repository which will be expanded as the program goes on so we can support the ones who could not make it to the program)

- we devise the process of entering the program