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A solution by PARKING PLUS submitted to Accessibility for everyone & everywhere

Better parking management for disabled people

(Pitched: 08/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Parking Plus helps companies in parking related industries boost their revenue and stay relevant in their business through innovative digital smart parking technologies.
PARKING PLUS is a technology company focused on delivering since 2014 digital platforms for companies in the parking industry eager to digitize their operations and for companies in the smart city related areas that would like to expand their portfolio of services with smart parking and mobility related digital products.
PARKING PLUS ecosystem provides mobile technologies, web technologies and hardware devices that cover uses cases for both on-street and off-street parking spaces operations: surface parking, multi-level parkings, event parking, marketplaces for parking spaces, office / residential parkings, smart city projects.
The modularity of the platform enables PARKING PLUS to provide customer tailored solutions for our partners, tackling parking issues with the following flexible modules:
♣ Parking spaces management - provides software modules for managing information about availability, car parking suggestions and GPS guidance, digital mapping of the parking lot or garage (multi-level garage digital mapping capabilities with real-time availability per parking space).
♣ Bookings - offer customers the possibility to reserve and pay for their parking spots in advance (technologies for both on-street and off-street parking spaces booking).
♣ Mobile payment - no need to carrying change in the pockets or worry about the ticket for Pay on foot, Pay and display systems. Customers have the possibility to pay for their parking space with a simple tap on their phone using virtual micro payments.
♣ Secure access management - enter parking garages using your smartphone or "hands on wheel", no need for parking ticket (our secret sauce).
♣ Analytics and reports - drive your business based on information that matters for you, provided in real-time
♣ In-car applications with focus on smart parking